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Be a Business Partner

Our staff works with business partners to identify a workforce need, specifically that can be filled by an intern. Students will be embedded in your workforce for 10-40 hours per week in the summer. Students will train with you with the intent of eventually engaging in meaningful work and providing return on investment throughout the course of their internship. 

Prior to participating in an internship, students will complete a college-level professional skills course, as well as programming that requires them to engage in career coaching and grow more self-aware throughout the experience. The work they do on the job will be supplemented by consistent, professional coaching from a staff coach. 

Throughout the internship, your business will also have full-time support from an Avenue Scholars staff member, ensuring your business is satisfied with the partnership. Beyond paying your intern a competitive hourly wage, there is currently no cost to your organization to join the internship program. 

Complete the 2024 Business Partner Commitment Card here: 2024 Business Partner Commitment Card.
Check out the informative 2024 Business Partner Toolkit for all the information you need to host a successful summer intern with us: 2024 Business Partner Toolkit.