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What We Do

High School Program

Avenue Scholars Southwest Iowa gives high school students the chance to learn about a variety of high-demand career fields, the opportunity to gain experience in these fields, and the ability to develop the necessary education and skills for the career they choose.

The program is designed to enable students to establish a solid foundation and continue to build on it – through high school and beyond. So, young people are ready for successful careers with area businesses that want to keep homegrown talent close to home in Southwest Iowa communities.

During high school, students: 

  • Take the Avenue Scholars class
  • Explore career options and your own strengths
  • Create a written plan for your future
  • Become a stronger student and employee
  • Participate in Avenue Scholars internship program
  • Find part-time work
  • Work with your Career Coach to solve problems
  • Take career classes at IWCC or in your high school
  • Apply for the Avenue Scholars Southwest Iowa Scholarship
  • Apply for financial aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete IWCC Scholarship Application
  • Graduate from high school


Interested students should contact the Avenue Scholars Career Coach at their school. 
Application Link: 2024 Avenue Scholars Southwest Iowa Application
If needed, the link for the financial information form is here: 2024 Avenue Scholars SWI Financial Form