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Scholarship Information

Students accepted into Avenue Scholars are eligible for postsecondary funding (scholarship) for education and training specific to their intended career. 

In high school, students are required to meet certain expectations in order to be eligible for the postsecondary funding (scholarship), these include: 

  • Completion of an Iowa Western/high school concurrent enrollment course
  • Meetings with Coach
  • Career Plan (with Coach) 
  • Internship (paid; placed by Avenue Scholars)

Avenue Scholars postsecondary funding comes in as last dollar, meaning once all grants and other scholarships are applied, it pays the remainder of the charges. 

Students eligible for the postsecondary funding receive funding coverage at Iowa Western for: 

  • Up to two years
  • Tuition/fees
  • Tools, books, uniforms, certifications
  • Transportation

Postsecondary funding does not cover: 

  • Housing 
  • Food