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What We Do

Postsecondary Program

Postsecondary is a fancy way of saying "after high school." So, what happens after high school for Avenue Scholars Southwest Iowa students.  

Students can progress with one of two options: either enter the workforce in full-time employment or attend Iowa Western Community College for postsecondary education and training. Students work with the Career Coach to identify and decide which option is best suited for their career plans, abilities, and skills. 

Iowa Western Community College Option:

  • Enroll in one of the approved career programs at IWCC
  • Receive tuition assistance from Iowa Western Community College or receive an Avenue Scholars Scholarship
  • Live at home, or on your own
  • Work with Career Coaches to ensure success

Workforce Option: 

  • Participate in career readiness program
  • Work with Avenue Scholars to establish full-time employment
  • Get on-the-job career training specific to your career goal
  • Work with  Career Coaches to ensure success